Porcelain veneers: the easy way to a whiter, brighter smile.

Porcelain VeenersWhether you’re worried about a discoloured or a chipped tooth, we recommend porcelain veneers as an easy, cost effective solution to getting your smile back. 

Composite veneers can be minimally invasive, often with no tooth removal at all. They can offer the maximum aesthetic benefit with little or no underlying damage. 

Your dentist will also recommend veneers for closing small gaps and the treatment can be done in as few as 2 visits.  

At the first, we’ll prepare your teeth and take a mould from which to have your custom made veneer created in the laboratory and colour-matched to the surrounding teeth. At the second, we’ll fit the veneer with a special strong bonding agent that is aimed at making your veneer last for quite a few years. 

If you think veneers are for you, give us a call on 028 9040 2688 and we can give you best advice.